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My iPhone does everything! I hate it!

miPhoneThe iPhone is the only purchase I’ve made that gets more and more awesome everyday.  The App store offers an app for “everything” and Jailbreaking let’s you do everything else.  At this point, my iPhone acts as a phone, mp3 player, video viewer, video camera, photo editor, camera, wifi access point, blog client, chat client, gaming device, GPS, map, shelf level, mini computer, phonebook, calendar, email, text, boobs, beat maker, flute, and so on.

It’s fucking stupid!  You’re drinking, listening to music, having a good time, “haha, lemme take a picture.  Ahh, shit.  I’d have to pull my camera out of the dock and ruin the music.”  Cube Runner is the best game ever and just as I hit 300 on hard, some stupid bitch texts me and kills my flow.  Crash and burn!  I’ve also noticed that I spend hours looking for cool new ways to save time.

The iPhone is too awesome.  It sucks.  You gotta get one.

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