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Woodward: The Real Never Never Land

I was lucky enough to spend a week at ramp camp via Red Bull.   They have EVERYTHING and in most cases, two and three of everything.  They have concrete bowls, street plazas, mini ramps, mini megas, vert, foam pits, and inflatable landings for a mostly mega ramp.

Shane Azar looks like the Honeycomb guyThe paradise extends far beyond skateboarding.  Unfortunately, this blog is public and I can’t divulge in the after-hours activities.  I can tell you that Dan Plunkett, Jake Donnelly, Ron Deily, and Shane Azar make for an awesome crew.  Ryan Reyes has skateboarding in his veins, a  great attitude, and rips everything.  Beers are $1.55 at Brownies(the Sha-BOOMS of PA).  A skateboarder had to fly home early for dorking a gymnast.   Day N Night RemixYou Know You Want Me and Hotel Room can get a party started.

Big thanks to Peter from Red Bull for putting this trip together.  Oh, and I filmed and edited that clip above as part of a longer video for internal use at Red Bull.  We only had about 25 minutes to shoot it.  Dave Metty shot the 2 track shots.

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