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BRB. Working on KROOK3D.

A 3D skateboarding experiment with Krooked Skateboards.  Get some red and blue 3D glasses and then put them on your stupid face and then watch the trailers on

DVD in shops October 15, 2010.

Hot Shit!, Skateboarding

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  1. Rob Daykin on March 13th, 2011

    Just bought Krook3D, RAD!

    I work a lot in 3D (I’m yet to do any skating though) and i was wondering if you would care to share any information with me about your rigs lenses and editing?

    I use a beamsplitter rig with broadcast camera’s and i use the Tim Dashwood plug-in on final cut. Dashwoods cool but a beamsplitter rig doesn’t really cut it for skateboarding.

    Also i have access to 3D screens and i was wondering if you have a side by side or left eye right eye version of the video so i don’t have to watch in anaglyph.

    Cheers dudes!


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