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What Have I Become?

So it looks like I stopped updating my website years ago. Then I come back on just to add my Bieber video!? Man, is that lame. Here I am again to say, “I haven’t updated my site in over a year.”

I think it’s time to come back though. I mean, I won the lottery. Did you see that? Obvi, I’m totes busy.

Hot Shit!

Sony FS700 4K Interview

I did a little write up for Sony on their insane 4K upgrade for the NEX-FS700. It’s on their blog if you want to click here and listen with your eyes to me talk about cameras for awhile. There are some rad photos too.  Big thanks to Sony, SmallHD, and Cinevate for coming through with some gear.

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Game Time: Ass Alphabet

wrestler-bonerDue to the incredibly popular Game Time episode of Boob Alphabet, I’ve decided to start a new one: Dick Alphabet. Go ahead and get started perverts.

Comment with the best dick-slang term for each letter in the alphabet.

We’ll put the best ones in the Official Ass Alphabet.  We’ll replace the shitty ones with the best comments.  Go!

Anteater, Antler
Bologna Pony
Boner, Baseball Bat, Bowling Pin, Banana, Beanstock, Baby’s Arm Holding an Apple
Cucumber, Chode, Chubby, Chubber
Dong, Dork, Disco Stick, Drill, Dipstick, Donger, Ding Dong
Eye Opener
Elephant Trunk, Eeny Weeny Teeny Weeny, Erection, Eiffel Tower
Faithful Steed
Frank, Fart Stopper, Flute
Goo Shooter
Gun, Gangbanger, Glue Stick
Hammerhead, Hard On, Hose, Hot Dog
Ichabod’s Crane
Johnson, Joystick, Jizz Dispenser
Knob, Kidney Scraper
Lap Lizard
Love Stick
Magic Stick
Main Vein, Magic Wand, Microphone
Needle Dick
Night Rider
One Eyed Snake

Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger
Poll, Pussy Plugger, Python, Pencil, Pin, Pen, Penis, Piledriver, Prick, Pickle, Poop Pusher
Queef Clogger
Quilt Stainer
Raging Bull
Stick Shift, Staff, Snake, Screwdriver, Sausage, Spitter, SidePipe
Trouser Snake
The Punisher, The Pulverizer, Third Leg, Tickler
Upside-down Antennae

Victory Vein
Vaginer Miner
Wang, Willy, Wizard Staff, Wienus, Womb Weasel
Xylophone Mallet

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Zelda’s Sword
Zip Zinger

Click to comment & read all the comments!

Hot Shit!

Currently Trippin’ in Brazil

Waterfalling a Brazilian beer standing on top of the largest waterfall in the world.  Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil is breathtaking.  You just have to see it to believe it.  Insane.  Felipe Gustavo and I went to his hometown and the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, after Foz.  I never ate so much in my life.  That dude is going to be 600 pounds someday.  I’ll probably be sitting next to him, at 700 pounds.  The food tour was awesome and the skating was the same as it ever was.  Almost got attacked by wild monkeys too.

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Currently Trippin’ in China… again

I’ve grown fond of this place!  It’s my third time here.  Cafe Xperience gave me own menu item and I had no idea.  Epic!  They threw me a going away party too and Linda made me a cake with monkeys on it since my Chinese name is 猴子 (Hóuzi), which means monkey.

We had a blast like always.  Some Chinese kid wrote a note in permanent marker on a ledge for the Plan B team to call him and left his full name and phone number.  The ledge is in front of a nice college.  Gnarly.

Our guide, Pappa, was incredible.  No English.  Funkiest teeth you’ll ever see.  Handles business like a pro.  Walks around the hotel in his robe and is constantly fucking with everyone.  Great guy.  Psycho.

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Currently Trippin’ in Australia

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Nixon x Plan B Soundclash

Hyped to work with Nixon and Plan B on something.  The products are rad.  I use the speaker almost everyday and the board features the most creative spin on grip I’ve seen in years.

I came up with the concept, directed, shot, and edited this bad boy.
Additional shots by Dario Rezk.
Original music by Danny Way.  <-  How cool is that?

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Interactive Video: A Session with Plan B

Network A wanted to use a new interactive video player and incorporate skateboarding. Plan B was the team of choice and I was approached to direct. I came up with this concept and the rest is history. Have fun playing with our half skate video, half video game thingy.

I came up with the concept and directed the spot.
DP Sean Coles
Additional shots by Jason Hernandez & Dario Rezk
Produced by Network A and BedRocket

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Failed Actor! Role: Quarterback Punk

This was my intro to the acting world and I nailed it. If I would have stayed on track, I’d probably be on the set of Fast & Furious 6 or something. I’m stoked to be in the video for a song rad enough that Wade Speyer skated to it. If you’re having trouble recognizing me, I’m the quarterback fetus with the giant head.

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Who do you think you are!? I am!

I will be quoting Pete Weber today, tomorrow, and everyday there after.

Yes! God damn it, yes!
That is why I did it! I… number 5! Are you kidding me!? That’s right!
Who do you think you are!? I am!
Damn it, right!

Hot Shit!

GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac with Ryan Sheckler

GoPro invited Ryan Sheckler and me to try out the new GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac.  We dreamt up a fun little concept and headed to New York City.  Thanks to everyone involved.  Stoked on the final product!

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Food Fight by Eric McHenry

I’ve been wanting a talented artist to draw me a picture of a pig using a giant piece of bacon to fight a chicken yielding a giant hot wing.  Luckily, Eric McHenry hooked it up.  Can’t wait to frame this original and hang it on the wall.  

Thanks, ttusk.

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Currently Trippin’ in Sydney

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Dumb and Dumber

Erica and I are going to go do our best Dumb and Dumber impression in Aspen. I make commercial.

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Currently Trippin’ in Guangzhou, China

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Best Trip Ever

On the last day of the best trip ever in Oahu, Sarah and I walked down to the sand in front of the Loulu Estate at 8:45am and whipped up this little diddy first try.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. It was a blast from end to end for 1,000 different reasons.

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Watch For Children. Literally.

I’ve wanted to nail a watch to this sign in my alley for about a year. Nailed it.

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Failed Actor! Role: Rollerblader

I had probably the most embarrassing failed actor career possible. Some of the movies and commercials I had to do were pretty embarrassing but this one takes the cake! A rollerblader!? Worst role I could get.

Throughout the audition process everything said “skate” not rollerblade. Even at the audition the director said, “So you can skate right?” It wasn’t until they asked me to bring my rollerblades to a test shoot that we realized the miscommunication. I borrowed a friends that were 6 sizes too small and tried. I sucked. A guy at the advertising agency even said, “This guy can’t rollerblade!” and walked back inside angrily. Icing on the cake? They buzzed my head and I looked like a 14 year old for awhile. I was a 21 year old skateboarder who looked like a 14 year old rollerblader on national television. Rad. The clip cuts to a real rollerblader eating shit. I just had to do the mad dash.

And for the record, I do not regret any of it. I learned a lot and it paid real well. Now, let’s all have a little laugh at my expense.

Hot Shit!,

Brad Staba Interviews Brad Staba

I’m very proud to say I shot and edited this little number promoting a Skate Mental contest. The incredibly talented Erica Yary dropped by Brad’s to conduct a little interview, but as you’ll see, Brad Staba does as Brad Staba does.

Watch, laugh, buy Skate Mental, enter the contest.

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