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Fashion Tip Fridays: Shoe Polish

Erik Bragg as Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore. 2nd place in kindergarten Halloween contest. 1989.

I wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween when I was in kindergarten, but I wore my Ghostbuster sweats to bed and played with my Proton Pack all the time.  So how could I still make it special and be a Ghostbuster? I could be Winston Zeddemore, the black one!

Apparently, to my mom and I, this was as easy as rubbing black shoe polish on my face, puckering my lips to make them bigger, and putting on some fucked up Edward Scissorhands wig.  I don’t get it because Winston had a shaved head and I wasn’t even close to matching the skin tone.  What a terrible costume.

Sorry for the shitty costume, Ernie Hudson. I was only 5.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


It’s in my blood.  This is a photo of my mom killing it in the 70′s.  Look how far she’s hanging off the board!  That’s gnarly.  I’m so psyched she had this timeless and epic photo.  Thanks for everything, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

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Currently Trippin’ in Puerto Rico


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Taco Necked Myself

I wanted to put my legs over the branch and do one of those possum flips off. Cherry drop or some shit. Didn’t work out. Ouch.

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Fuck It

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Game Time: Dick Alphabet

wrestler-bonerDue to the incredibly popular Game Time episode of Boob Alphabet, I’ve decided to start a new one: Dick Alphabet. Go ahead and get started perverts.

Comment with the best dick-slang term for each letter in the alphabet.

We’ll put the best ones in the Official Dick Alphabet.  We’ll replace the shitty ones with the best comments.  Go!

Anteater, Antler
Bologna Pony
Boner, Baseball Bat, Bowling Pin, Banana, Beanstock, Baby’s Arm Holding an Apple
Cucumber, Chode, Chubby, Chubber
Dong, Dork, Disco Stick, Drill, Dipstick, Donger, Ding Dong
Eye Opener
Elephant Trunk, Eeny Weeny Teeny Weeny, Erection, Eiffel Tower
Faithful Steed
Frank, Fart Stopper, Flute
Goo Shooter
Gun, Gangbanger, Glue Stick
Hammerhead, Hard On, Hose, Hot Dog
Ichabod’s Crane
Johnson, Joystick, Jizz Dispenser
Knob, Kidney Scraper
Lap Lizard
Love Stick
Magic Stick
Main Vein, Magic Wand, Microphone
Needle Dick
Night Rider
One Eyed Snake

Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger
Poll, Pussy Plugger, Python, Pencil, Pin, Pen, Penis, Piledriver, Prick, Pickle, Poop Pusher
Queef Clogger
Quilt Stainer
Raging Bull
Stick Shift, Staff, Snake, Screwdriver, Sausage, Spitter, SidePipe
Trouser Snake
The Punisher, The Pulverizer, Third Leg, Tickler
Upside-down Antennae

Victory Vein
Vaginer Miner
Wang, Willy, Wizard Staff, Wienus, Womb Weasel
Xylophone Mallet

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Zelda’s Sword
Zip Zinger

Click to comment & read all the comments!

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Pano Party in Australia

I left for Australia a couple weeks ago to film a part with Corbin Harris and this place is beautiful.  I’ve been more than spoiled by Corbin’s balcony view of the Sydney Harbor, Harbor Bridge, Opera House and downtown skyline.  From there we flew to Gold Coast and had another insane view from the apartment we stayed at in Coolangatta, Queensland.  I know it’s pretty budget, but the Pano iPhone app is pretty fun.  I should probably take the real camera out of my backpack and stitch them when I get home but shut up.

Corbin's Balcony View of Sydney

Apartment Balcony View in Coolangatta

Incredible Concrete Vert Ramp in the hills of Queensland

Beach in Coolangatta

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Game Time: Boob Alphabet

SOFIA VERGARA has awesome boobsI’m making up games now.

Comment with the best boob-slang term for each letter in the alphabet.

We’ll put the best ones in the Official Boob Alphabet.  We’ll replace the shitty ones with the best comments.  Go!

All Stars
Attention Getters, Alps, Apples, Anteaters
Bar Hoppers, Breasticles, Balloons, Bags of Sand, Birds of Paradise, Bolt-Ons, Biggie Smalls, Babylons, Bazookas, Bongos, Bombs, Bean Bags
Crowd Pleasers
Chi-Chis, Cantaloupes, Chesticles, Cones, Cans, Camel Backs, Cupcakes, Cannons, Cuties
Damn Gina’s
Double D Doppelgangers, Dirty Little Pillows
Edible Arrangements
Fun Bags
Flap Jacks, Firecrackers
Gas Guzzlers
Gazongas, Grenade Launchers, Gnome Domes, Game Changers
Hampster Wheels, Hogans, Hooters, Hubba Hubbas, Hellboys, Himalayas, Honkers
Itty Bitty Titties, Illegitimate Children
Job Getters
Jugs, Jigglypuffs
Knick Knacks, King Kongs
Lilly Pads
Lovely Lady Lumps
Milk Duds
Mounds, Marshmallows, Melons, Money Makers, Mangos
Ooga Boogas
Oompa Loompas, Oobsbay (Pig Latin)
Party Starters
Perfect Perky Pushed-up Puppies, Paddy Whacks, Piledrivers
Quilt Mountains
Raisin Smugglers
Rocket Tits, Rack, Rock Hard Weekends
Sweater Melons
Sweet Nectar Dispensers, Ski Jumps, Snookies, Satellites, Stocking Stuffers
Titties, Ta Tas, Those Hills Have Eyes, Teacups, Twins, Tigo Bitties, Thunder Mountains (Tits Grandes)
Winnebagos, Whoopee Cushions
X Raters
Yogurt Cups
Yo Yos, Yankee Doodles
Zipper Rippers
Zits, Zambonis

So far, Rosie, Oliver and Sarah are killing it but we can do better than this.

Click to comment & read all the comments!

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The Standoff – Me, Matt & Marque

God, this shit is dumb.

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Don’t Know Much About Bikes – Me, Matt & Marque

This is what happens when a couple of stupid ass dudes don’t have shit to do on a Wednesday.  They form a sketch comedy trio, Me, Matt & Marque,  that’s sure to get dozens of views on the Internet and fade away soon there after.  We already filmed our next skit.  I’ll upload it Monday if you guys think this stupid ass shit is funny.

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Shotgun on a Plane

Fuck it!  I’m back.  I’m going to start doing this shit again.  Comin’ in hot with BFF Erica Yary shotgunning a beer on a plane in ’06 or something.  I don’t believe I know anyone else who has pulled this off.  Anyone else shotgun on a plane?  PROVE IT, FOOL.

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BRB. Working on KROOK3D.

A 3D skateboarding experiment with Krooked Skateboards.  Get some red and blue 3D glasses and then put them on your stupid face and then watch the trailers on

DVD in shops October 15, 2010.

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Oscar Meyer Sucks At Spelling

bologna by eriiic mchenry

Eric McHenry gave me this.

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Fashion Tip Fridays: You’re Not Funny & Neither Is Your Stupid Shirt

funny-shirts-arent-funnyFunny shirts aren’t funny.  It’s like somebody telling you the same bad joke every time you look at them.

I modified this guy’s stupid face to express how annoying he is in his stupid shirt.  I don’t know what it is that makes every 2-bit, humorless, asshat think they’re going to turn into Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg after slipping on a “clever” shirt they picked up at the mall.

You’re not funny.  Stop bothering me. If you want to make me laugh, just fart.  Haha, never gets old.

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How To Get The Weirdos To Pose

You look just like my uncle.  Can my friend take a picture?  I'm going to send it to him right now!  Tehehe.

My friend, Jeanette, posing with… her uncle.

A lot of you clowns have asked me how I always get pictures/videos of random freaks and geeks.  Cinchy.  I walk right up to them and say, “Can I get a photo of you?  You look just like my cousin!“  It’s literally never failed.  Sometimes I use uncle, aunt, neighbor, boss, or whatever’s appropriate.  You’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom.  All I ask is that you comment this post with links to the photos you take.  Don’t be afraid.  Bonus points if you’re in the photo.  Triple bonus if I use the photos for a Fashion Tip Friday.

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The Answer to Whatever, Man. Fuck.

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Fashion Tip Fridays: InvisiBurns

Clip by Eriiic. Hella fancy motion graphics by me.

Unless Wolverine, John Lennon, and Elvis gangbanged your mom in front of you on your birthday and Ambrose Burnside brought you a box of dogshit with a bow on it, I don’t know how someone could hate sideburns so much they’d shave them off at the sunglasses line.  It looks stupid.  They’re too short.  Figure it out.


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Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App

Transworld Skateboarding iPhone AppThe Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App (iTunes link) is now available for download from the app store.  It’s rad and definitely making it on the homepage on my iPhone.

It’s the 3rd iPhone app I’ve developed and with each app I’ve tried to create apps that I want on my phone.  With videos being added almost daily and a news tab to keep you in the loop, it’s an app that you’re going to crack open everyday.

There’s also a how-to video section with exclusive trick tips filmed & edited by yours truly.  Whether you’re seeking tips or just want to see how amazing these guys are, they’re worth the watch.

By the way, Paul Rodriguez literally landed his nollie crooked grinds every try.  I had him do it about 25 times and each one was textbook.

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Fashion Tip Fridays: Buff Chicks

Buff Chicks Will Rip Your Dick Off

For once, I’m proud to live in a lazy ass country.  If we were all determined and shit, our chicks would look like this psyc-ho.  I don’t know what kind of dude could be attracted to this level of kung fu grip.  Seriously, I’d be afraid she’d rip it off if shit wasn’t going her way.  Stay lazy ladies, but not too lazy.

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Fashion Tip Fridays: Mongo Moccasins


This dude is super good at blowing it.  I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just list the violations in no particular order.

  • Don’t wear your little sisters socks.
  • How about 1 set of wheels?  Pool shredder in the front, manny mania in the back?  Doubt it.
  • I’d wear wacky-ass shorts like that.  Fuck it.  But it’s all just too much today, guy.
  • Push with your back foot, goober!  The dude was like 20 and skating with 4 friends and they were all mongo.  Look at the dude next to him!
  • Do I even have to bring up the fucking moccasins? Get bent, helmet.
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