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Currently Trippin’ in Costa Rica

Ryan Sheckler getting vertical on a Zip Zinger in Costa Rica.

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PJ Ladd’s B True Commercial for Plan B

Filmed this crud with my dude, PJ Ladd, last weekend. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in more than just a day. Stay tuned.

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Skate Mental – Shane O’Neill Commercial

Brad Staba, the stone-cold psychopath behind Skate Mental, forced me to roll up and play Director of Photography for this fucked up Shane O’Neill commercial that played during Street League Finals. It’s probably the best commercial in the planets. Directed by crabsalad.

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Island Time with Plan B & T&C

Mahalo to Plan B, T&C, Nick, Lance and everyone who made this trip so fun.

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Best Trip Ever

On the last day of the best trip ever in Oahu, Sarah and I walked down to the sand in front of the Loulu Estate at 8:45am and whipped up this little diddy first try.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. It was a blast from end to end for 1,000 different reasons.

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One Day with Brandon Biebel

I’m a huge Brandon Biebel fan. I’m psyched every time I get to film something with him, so I said “hell yeah” when Transworld called. I’d say this is a pretty accurate snapshot of a normal day with Brandon.

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When in Rome, Film Rome

bud-in-romeI recently had the pleasure to capture Rome and Ostia, Italy for the Red Bull Manny Mania series. I explored most of Rome via skateboard and had a blast. Felix came in after a few days and we had some fun too. Coincidentally, Dave Duncan and the WCS was out there for another event so we met up with them as well. I was out there for the 4th of July so I made sure to find a couple of Budweisers to drink at the Colosseum. Thanks to Red Bull and Beth for making it happen.

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¡Me Gusta! – Active in Costa Rica

I’m psyched on this one!  I shot & edited an epic Active trip to Costa Rica with Figgy, Slash, Nuge, and Clint Walker.  You can read all about it in the August 2011 issue of Thrasher Magazine or click here for the article pdf.   If you’re ever in Costa Rica to skate, make sure to link up with Diego Espinoza and Bryan Gutierrez.  They’ll take care of you.  Giant thank you to those guys, Sonny Nigro, and Corey Cady.

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Brad Staba Interviews Brad Staba

I’m very proud to say I shot and edited this little number promoting a Skate Mental contest. The incredibly talented Erica Yary dropped by Brad’s to conduct a little interview, but as you’ll see, Brad Staba does as Brad Staba does.

Watch, laugh, buy Skate Mental, enter the contest.

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Rowley is a Beast!

This spot is 3 blocks from my house and I’ve looked at it a million times. However, boardsliding the whole thing never popped into my head. Way gnarly in real life. Rowley has always been one of my favorite skateboarders. Epic to still see him crush it this hard.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


It’s in my blood.  This is a photo of my mom killing it in the 70′s.  Look how far she’s hanging off the board!  That’s gnarly.  I’m so psyched she had this timeless and epic photo.  Thanks for everything, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

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Krooked’s Thrasher Lockdown… FUCK YOU!

Krooked let me come in and film/edit the fun times locked inside Thrasher‘s Double Rock Skatepark. We had Dan “The Stalefish” Drehobl and Mike “Lil’ Mikey” Anderson getting in straight. Thanks for the good times Deluxe! We had a blast. I edited this crud 3 months ago before Cee Lo won a GD Grammy and was playing on every speaker on the planet, but I still like it. So… FUCK YOU!

CLICK HERE to vote for Krooked now!!!

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Pano Party in Australia

I left for Australia a couple weeks ago to film a part with Corbin Harris and this place is beautiful.  I’ve been more than spoiled by Corbin’s balcony view of the Sydney Harbor, Harbor Bridge, Opera House and downtown skyline.  From there we flew to Gold Coast and had another insane view from the apartment we stayed at in Coolangatta, Queensland.  I know it’s pretty budget, but the Pano iPhone app is pretty fun.  I should probably take the real camera out of my backpack and stitch them when I get home but shut up.

Corbin's Balcony View of Sydney

Apartment Balcony View in Coolangatta

Incredible Concrete Vert Ramp in the hills of Queensland

Beach in Coolangatta

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BRB. Working on KROOK3D.

A 3D skateboarding experiment with Krooked Skateboards.  Get some red and blue 3D glasses and then put them on your stupid face and then watch the trailers on

DVD in shops October 15, 2010.

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Evan Smith is Blog Worthy

This was supposed to be in the last 411vm while I was there.  I’m glad people are finally getting to watch it some of that stuff.  I still haven’t seen the incredible Jon Dickson part we had.  Maybe it slipped past my radar.  Send links if that fool put out an epic part in the last year.

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RVCA Industry Profile & Ramp Jam

Join Ed Templeton for a tour of the RVCA headquarters.  Then make your way to the world famous RVCA ramp and skate with Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens, Julian Davidson.

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Leo Romero’s Gay in the Life

Leo Romero let me shove a camera up his ass all day and this is the result.  I had never shot a .44 Magnum before and that was fun.  Leo is a funny dude and a great skateboarder.  His house is rad.  I don’t feel like writing so just watch the video.  Photos from the day here. Buy his signature RVCA line here.

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Deluxe Skate Shop Connect


Your local shop doesn’t have the Krooked, Anti Hero, Real, Thunder or Spitfire products you’re looking for?  Just request it!

I just finished developing the DLX Skate Shop Connect program and there are already about 600 shops signed up.  Check out Deluxe’s new catalog and request the products you’d like from your local shop in just a couple clicks.  (video explanation)

Your local shop isn’t sign up?  Tell them they’re blowing it.  If you’re a skate shop and you’d like to get involved, click here.

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Bull Shit in Vancouver

Again, Red Bull trips are a blast and here’s the newest video I made for them.  Zered Bassett, Brandon Biebel, Ron Deily, Ryan Decenzo & Magnus Hanson all came out to skate a shipyard in Vancouver, Canada.  The accommodations were amazing.  I invented the double captain & coke & bacon.   We tugboatted giant skate obstacles into the middle of a bay.  If you want to know more about the trip or see some epic photos, grab the March 2010 issue of Transworld Skateboarding.

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