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Interactive Video: A Session with Plan B

Network A wanted to use a new interactive video player and incorporate skateboarding. Plan B was the team of choice and I was approached to direct. I came up with this concept and the rest is history. Have fun playing with our half skate video, half video game thingy.

I came up with the concept and directed the spot.
DP Sean Coles
Additional shots by Jason Hernandez & Dario Rezk
Produced by Network A and BedRocket

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GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac with Ryan Sheckler

GoPro invited Ryan Sheckler and me to try out the new GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac.  We dreamt up a fun little concept and headed to New York City.  Thanks to everyone involved.  Stoked on the final product!

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DIY iPad Stand Using Household Objects

Please note that each device used to make the stand is a far more superior device.
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Pano Party in Australia

I left for Australia a couple weeks ago to film a part with Corbin Harris and this place is beautiful.  I’ve been more than spoiled by Corbin’s balcony view of the Sydney Harbor, Harbor Bridge, Opera House and downtown skyline.  From there we flew to Gold Coast and had another insane view from the apartment we stayed at in Coolangatta, Queensland.  I know it’s pretty budget, but the Pano iPhone app is pretty fun.  I should probably take the real camera out of my backpack and stitch them when I get home but shut up.

Corbin's Balcony View of Sydney

Apartment Balcony View in Coolangatta

Incredible Concrete Vert Ramp in the hills of Queensland

Beach in Coolangatta

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Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App

Transworld Skateboarding iPhone AppThe Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App (iTunes link) is now available for download from the app store.  It’s rad and definitely making it on the homepage on my iPhone.

It’s the 3rd iPhone app I’ve developed and with each app I’ve tried to create apps that I want on my phone.  With videos being added almost daily and a news tab to keep you in the loop, it’s an app that you’re going to crack open everyday.

There’s also a how-to video section with exclusive trick tips filmed & edited by yours truly.  Whether you’re seeking tips or just want to see how amazing these guys are, they’re worth the watch.

By the way, Paul Rodriguez literally landed his nollie crooked grinds every try.  I had him do it about 25 times and each one was textbook.

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The Berrics iPhone App

Apple watches The Berrics

The Berrics iPhone App is finally here.  Now you can watch videos from The Berrics on your iPhone no matter where you are.  Yes, I  developed the app.  If you’re looking to make an iPhone app, let’s do this.the-berrics-iphone-app

It’s been really rad to hear how psyched everyone is on the app.  Thanks for all the kind words.  The App is killing it in the App Store too.  Check out this little Bragg list:

  • Staff Favorite on iTunes App Store homepage (as seen above)
  • Top 25 in it’s category since it was launched
  • Top 300 overall paid apps on it’s launch day
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Deluxe iPhone App Available Now

The Deluxe iPhone App is now available.  It’s my first iPhone app and it’s free!  Check out the videos, catalogs, and photos from Spitfire, Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, and Thunder.

Thanks to Mic-E, Jim, Carlos, and Oliver for making this possible.

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Zach Galifianakis Embedr Playlist

Embedr makes YouTube Bedr

I can’t get over how funny Zach Galifianakis is and how useful Embedr is.  It allows you to take videos from all the most popular video sites and embed them into one sleek video player.

Then!, it goes further and allows you to setup “smart” playlists.  The smart playlist above will automatically update itself and  pull the most viewed videos of Zach Galifianakis from YouTube.

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What good is an unscratched iPhone if nobody can see it!?


Why would you buy the sleakest phone on the planet and make it heavier, twice as thick, and uglier than Kate Winslet?  Let your iPhone be an iPhone.  Are you going to make your 10 year old where full pads and a helmet to the park?  Does your car have a leather bra on the front?  Do you use condoms every time?  No!  So why make your phone look like a fuckin’ dickhead?

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Introducing: Your 6th Sense from MIT

I used to be excited about this, now it just seems boring.  MIT created a device that hangs from your neck and includes a camera, projecter,and mirror.  It uses your celly for internet and lets you get all Minority Report wherever/whenever.

I would love to start developing on this platform.  Pray for open source!  Imagine walking up to a bar and the door displaying a tag cloud associated with the people inside, or getting community reviews on items right on the menu at popular restaurants.

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My iPhone does everything! I hate it!

miPhoneThe iPhone is the only purchase I’ve made that gets more and more awesome everyday.  The App store offers an app for “everything” and Jailbreaking let’s you do everything else.  At this point, my iPhone acts as a phone, mp3 player, video viewer, video camera, photo editor, camera, wifi access point, blog client, chat client, gaming device, GPS, map, shelf level, mini computer, phonebook, calendar, email, text, boobs, beat maker, flute, and so on.

It’s fucking stupid!  You’re drinking, listening to music, having a good time, “haha, lemme take a picture.  Ahh, shit.  I’d have to pull my camera out of the dock and ruin the music.”  Cube Runner is the best game ever and just as I hit 300 on hard, some stupid bitch texts me and kills my flow.  Crash and burn!  I’ve also noticed that I spend hours looking for cool new ways to save time.

The iPhone is too awesome.  It sucks.  You gotta get one.

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