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Food Fight by Eric McHenry

I’ve been wanting a talented artist to draw me a picture of a pig using a giant piece of bacon to fight a chicken yielding a giant hot wing.  Luckily, Eric McHenry hooked it up.  Can’t wait to frame this original and hang it on the wall.  

Thanks, ttusk.

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Oscar Meyer Sucks At Spelling

bologna by eriiic mchenry

Eric McHenry gave me this.

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Fashion Tip Fridays: InvisiBurns

Clip by Eriiic. Hella fancy motion graphics by me.

Unless Wolverine, John Lennon, and Elvis gangbanged your mom in front of you on your birthday and Ambrose Burnside brought you a box of dogshit with a bow on it, I don’t know how someone could hate sideburns so much they’d shave them off at the sunglasses line.  It looks stupid.  They’re too short.  Figure it out.


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Ketchup Clips 2

Another installment.

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Ketchup Clips 1

I got totally jelly of Eric McHenry’s Mustard Clips, bought a GF1, and immediately started copying him.  These clips may run a little long for y’all strangers but they’re rad for us to look back at.  This is from the first half of October 2009.  If we hung out, you might be in it.  Sarah and I edit these together.  Expect more soon and often.

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Skating Pools or Whatever


We shot some fun photos on a sunny afternoon at Erica‘s house.  Fuck digital cameras.  Look at the awesome accidents that happen when you shoot on film.  Fun stuff.  I stole this image from Eric McHenry’s website ( ).  Check it out.  He’s a very talented artist and you might want to hire him to do some shit.

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