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Dumb and Dumber

Erica and I are going to go do our best Dumb and Dumber impression in Aspen. I make commercial.

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Brad Staba Interviews Brad Staba

I’m very proud to say I shot and edited this little number promoting a Skate Mental contest. The incredibly talented Erica Yary dropped by Brad’s to conduct a little interview, but as you’ll see, Brad Staba does as Brad Staba does.

Watch, laugh, buy Skate Mental, enter the contest.

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Shotgun on a Plane

Fuck it!  I’m back.  I’m going to start doing this shit again.  Comin’ in hot with BFF Erica Yary shotgunning a beer on a plane in ’06 or something.  I don’t believe I know anyone else who has pulled this off.  Anyone else shotgun on a plane?  PROVE IT, FOOL.

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Ketchup Clips 2

Another installment.

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Ketchup Clips 1

I got totally jelly of Eric McHenry’s Mustard Clips, bought a GF1, and immediately started copying him.  These clips may run a little long for y’all strangers but they’re rad for us to look back at.  This is from the first half of October 2009.  If we hung out, you might be in it.  Sarah and I edit these together.  Expect more soon and often.

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Chris Cole Answers Your Questions

Chris Cole sat down with Erica Yary and answered user questions submitted on Active‘s site.  I was amazed to hear that he threw himself down Wallenberg 68 times in one day.  That’s insane.  I’d estimate it to be approximately 14 steps just to walk back up.  You’re looking at over 900 steps just to get back up, let alone taking that impact over and over again.  Chris Cole is a beast, a technician, and an all around nice dude.

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Mike Carroll Answers Your Questions

Erica and I stopped by Mike Carroll’s pad and asked him a bunch of your questions.  I’ve filmed a few of these now and it’s crazy to sit on so much interesting footy after editing it down to a watchable length.  Maybe after awhile I’ll put out a best of the cutting room floor sort of deal.  No, seriously, Mike’s a funny dude.

Watch and laugh and learn and leave.

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Skating Pools or Whatever


We shot some fun photos on a sunny afternoon at Erica‘s house.  Fuck digital cameras.  Look at the awesome accidents that happen when you shoot on film.  Fun stuff.  I stole this image from Eric McHenry’s website ( ).  Check it out.  He’s a very talented artist and you might want to hire him to do some shit.

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