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Failed Actor! Role: Quarterback Punk

This was my intro to the acting world and I nailed it. If I would have stayed on track, I’d probably be on the set of Fast & Furious 6 or something. I’m stoked to be in the video for a song rad enough that Wade Speyer skated to it. If you’re having trouble recognizing me, I’m the quarterback fetus with the giant head.

Hot Shit!,

Failed Actor! Role: Rollerblader

I had probably the most embarrassing failed actor career possible. Some of the movies and commercials I had to do were pretty embarrassing but this one takes the cake! A rollerblader!? Worst role I could get.

Throughout the audition process everything said “skate” not rollerblade. Even at the audition the director said, “So you can skate right?” It wasn’t until they asked me to bring my rollerblades to a test shoot that we realized the miscommunication. I borrowed a friends that were 6 sizes too small and tried. I sucked. A guy at the advertising agency even said, “This guy can’t rollerblade!” and walked back inside angrily. Icing on the cake? They buzzed my head and I looked like a 14 year old for awhile. I was a 21 year old skateboarder who looked like a 14 year old rollerblader on national television. Rad. The clip cuts to a real rollerblader eating shit. I just had to do the mad dash.

And for the record, I do not regret any of it. I learned a lot and it paid real well. Now, let’s all have a little laugh at my expense.

Hot Shit!,