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The Berrics iPhone App

Apple watches The Berrics

The Berrics iPhone App is finally here.  Now you can watch videos from The Berrics on your iPhone no matter where you are.  Yes, I  developed the app.  If you’re looking to make an iPhone app, let’s do this.the-berrics-iphone-app

It’s been really rad to hear how psyched everyone is on the app.  Thanks for all the kind words.  The App is killing it in the App Store too.  Check out this little Bragg list:

  • Staff Favorite on iTunes App Store homepage (as seen above)
  • Top 25 in it’s category since it was launched
  • Top 300 overall paid apps on it’s launch day
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These Eggs Can’t Hook You for 18

Update:   Just informed these are designed for tiny weinuses. Grown men use Fleshlight.

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Taking Back The Burbs

I fuckin’ hate leaf blowers.  They ruin my morning.  Often.  It’s time I take back the hood.  This is how it starts…





Might now look pro in the photo but it was good enough to stay up for a couple of months on a main-ass street. Chino Hills Parkway clown!

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I Am A Nike SB Fan


I have no problem admiting that I was bummed when Nike SB jumped on the skateboarding bandwagon and I have no problem admiting that I’m a big fan now.  It took some time to accept corpo, but what can you possibly hate on now?  From the “suits” to the designers to the reps to the skaters, everyone involved is amazing.  And although I knew all that awhile ago, I was never attracted to the actual product or advertising…

Ferris Bueller Nike SB DunksIn the past year, Nike SB has seriously fucked me up with some knowledge.  First, the Ferris Bueller inspired Dunks.  Got ‘em.  Then the Winter at the SB Warehouse video and Debacle trailer were released.  Great videos, but I still wasn’t ready to lace up to skate.  That is until Stephan Janoski’s minisite was launched.  Great video, experience, design, website, nice dude, and most importantly, great shoe.  Even if you don’t skate, you should really check out the amazing site.

I’m officially down to rep some Nike SB.  I laced up my Stevie Janoski’s today.

UPDATE: I’ve been skating them for awhile now. They took some getting used to, but I love them now.

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Introducing: Your 6th Sense from MIT

I used to be excited about this, now it just seems boring.  MIT created a device that hangs from your neck and includes a camera, projecter,and mirror.  It uses your celly for internet and lets you get all Minority Report wherever/whenever.

I would love to start developing on this platform.  Pray for open source!  Imagine walking up to a bar and the door displaying a tag cloud associated with the people inside, or getting community reviews on items right on the menu at popular restaurants.

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Eastbound and Down

Eastbound and Down is bulletproof tiger that’ll make you laugh your tits off. The dude who gets shot 9 times in Pineapple Express, Danny McBride, is an MLB pitcher who drops off and get thrown back into the real world.  If Kenny Powers doesn’t make you laugh, you have no soul.  Watch the first episode here.

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Lizard King Battle Commander

Lizard King Battle Commander at The Berrics

Fuck yeah! Mike Plumb is serious about not taking skateboarding too seriously.  This is what I love about skating.  Have fun and think of some new shit.  This is more entertaining and inspiring than most full parts in “real” videos lately.  Thanks for keeping it interesting Lizard.

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