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Fashion Tip Fridays: Ghetto Gowns


Hell yeah!  Any dude who is gangsta enough to wear a dress is hard as fuck.

epic-fail-baggy-shirt-fail andrew-pott-singingI couldn’t find too many examples of the ghetto gown on the internet but I’m sure you’ve seen these super-shirts floating around the cutty parts of your hood.  A ghetto gown is a just a long-ass shirt and they’re awesome.  I was first turned out to the trend by shirtboarder, Andrew Pott (pictured spread eagle on right).  He used to skate chino park and before he was all sponsored ‘n junk we knew him as “Triple X L”.

I don’t know who makes them or what the hell it says on the tag, but I want in.  Send me some photos of some more of these kross-dressed killas or better yet, just send me an actual ghetto gown so I can get down, clown.

UPDATE: Ghetto Gown in motion: Austin Namba – Shawn

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eS Team Robbed At Gunpoint

That’s nuckin’ futs!  The eS team got shot at in Peru.  Check out the must-read write up on eS’s”s’s site here.

PS I love eS and I haven’t skated in anything else in years.

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The Sleazy Way Out

Is KCAL9 trying to drive the economy completely down the pooper? The solution to all your financial problems is… stop paying your bills?


I’m not the first guy you should come to for financial advice but KCAL9 is retarded. A feature segment tonight introduces an author/aspiring director “who just might have the answer to your credit card debt.” This ass-hat wrote a book about eliminating credit card debt by NOT PAYING HIS BILLS. His recommendation: don’t pay for 9 months and your credit card companies will let you squash the debt for less.

This dude just outsmarted everybody. He essentially stole $200,000 from his credit card companies to fund a movie, got his how-to-eliminate-debt book published, and then advertised his movie AND book on television FOR FREE!  I can’t blame the guy for coming up, but I will never watch KCAL9 news again.

*I didn’t use the thief’s name, book title, or movie title on purpose.

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