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We shot some fun photos on a sunny afternoon at Erica‘s house.  Fuck digital cameras.  Look at the awesome accidents that happen when you shoot on film.  Fun stuff.  I stole this image from Eric McHenry’s website ( ).  Check it out.  He’s a very talented artist and you might want to hire him to do some shit.

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John Hughes Learned Me A Lot


John Hughes died today at the age of 59.  He wrote every funny movie that came out in the 80′s and he also taught us a ton.  I wanted to be like Ferris Bueller and I tried.  Shit, I still try.   I knew what high school was going to be like when I was a kid because of The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Sixteen Candles.  He inspired me to start booby trapping my room after I saw Kevin get down in Home Alone.   He even wrote quotable classics like Mr. Mom, Vacation, Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, Christmas Vacation, European Vacation, and a ton more awesome movies that I need to watch.

While you’re doing what you do, remember that “life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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These Eggs Can’t Hook You for 18

Update:   Just informed these are designed for tiny weinuses. Grown men use Fleshlight.

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I Don’t Clem

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I Am A Nike SB Fan


I have no problem admiting that I was bummed when Nike SB jumped on the skateboarding bandwagon and I have no problem admiting that I’m a big fan now.  It took some time to accept corpo, but what can you possibly hate on now?  From the “suits” to the designers to the reps to the skaters, everyone involved is amazing.  And although I knew all that awhile ago, I was never attracted to the actual product or advertising…

Ferris Bueller Nike SB DunksIn the past year, Nike SB has seriously fucked me up with some knowledge.  First, the Ferris Bueller inspired Dunks.  Got ‘em.  Then the Winter at the SB Warehouse video and Debacle trailer were released.  Great videos, but I still wasn’t ready to lace up to skate.  That is until Stephan Janoski’s minisite was launched.  Great video, experience, design, website, nice dude, and most importantly, great shoe.  Even if you don’t skate, you should really check out the amazing site.

I’m officially down to rep some Nike SB.  I laced up my Stevie Janoski’s today.

UPDATE: I’ve been skating them for awhile now. They took some getting used to, but I love them now.

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Mammoth Mountain Hot Springs

I’m a fan of hot springs now. Anybody know of any other cool hot spring spots?

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