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Shotgun on a Plane

Fuck it!  I’m back.  I’m going to start doing this shit again.  Comin’ in hot with BFF Erica Yary shotgunning a beer on a plane in ’06 or something.  I don’t believe I know anyone else who has pulled this off.  Anyone else shotgun on a plane?  PROVE IT, FOOL.

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RVCA Industry Profile & Ramp Jam

Join Ed Templeton for a tour of the RVCA headquarters.  Then make your way to the world famous RVCA ramp and skate with Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens, Julian Davidson.

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Leo Romero’s Gay in the Life

Leo Romero let me shove a camera up his ass all day and this is the result.  I had never shot a .44 Magnum before and that was fun.  Leo is a funny dude and a great skateboarder.  His house is rad.  I don’t feel like writing so just watch the video.  Photos from the day here. Buy his signature RVCA line here.

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Bull Shit in Vancouver

Again, Red Bull trips are a blast and here’s the newest video I made for them.  Zered Bassett, Brandon Biebel, Ron Deily, Ryan Decenzo & Magnus Hanson all came out to skate a shipyard in Vancouver, Canada.  The accommodations were amazing.  I invented the double captain & coke & bacon.   We tugboatted giant skate obstacles into the middle of a bay.  If you want to know more about the trip or see some epic photos, grab the March 2010 issue of Transworld Skateboarding.

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Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App

Transworld Skateboarding iPhone AppThe Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App (iTunes link) is now available for download from the app store.  It’s rad and definitely making it on the homepage on my iPhone.

It’s the 3rd iPhone app I’ve developed and with each app I’ve tried to create apps that I want on my phone.  With videos being added almost daily and a news tab to keep you in the loop, it’s an app that you’re going to crack open everyday.

There’s also a how-to video section with exclusive trick tips filmed & edited by yours truly.  Whether you’re seeking tips or just want to see how amazing these guys are, they’re worth the watch.

By the way, Paul Rodriguez literally landed his nollie crooked grinds every try.  I had him do it about 25 times and each one was textbook.

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Tampa Am Experience 2009

I was supposed to film a weekend in the life of Theotis Beasley but homie got sick.  I wasn’t sure what to do for my Tampa Am video and then it hit me.  Duh, make it about Tampa Am.  Not just the skateboarding, though.  The skating, as incredible as it is, is only a fraction of the experience.  The rest of the time you’re wildn’ out.  This trip was the mellowest of my trips to Tampa but it was a blast nonetheless.  The video is pretty much a weekend in my life.  It’s 1/2 Skateboarding and 1/2 Ketchup Clip.

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Luis Tolentino Ties High Ollie Record

I was so hyped to be there to see what the world’s highest ollie looks like.  Wow.  Whip out a tape measure and take a look at what dude is popping over.  Luis tied the 44.5″ leap set by Danny Wainwright almost 10 years ago.  With skateboarding progressing at such a terrifying pace, it’s incredible that his record has lasted that long.  Next month, Quiksilver will be hosting a Reese Forbes High Ollie challenge at ASR and Guinness will be there to make it official if someone breaks the world record.  I’ll be there.  I love this shit.

Filmed on my GF1.


Paul Rodriguez Day in the Life

Paul Rodriguez was nice enough to let us intrude on a day in his life last week.  He was very open and had a lot of interesting things to say.  I have a ton of footage left over from the day and might Erik Bragg Looks Like Godhave to do something rad with it in the future.  We also filmed a trick tip for an upcoming project that will not disappoint and P Rod blew me away.  He did about 25 nollie crooked grinds in a row and literally never missed one.  His consistency and impeccable style really leave him in a class of his own. Behind the scenes photos here.

Filmed and edited by me me me me me.

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Chris Cole Answers Your Questions

Chris Cole sat down with Erica Yary and answered user questions submitted on Active‘s site.  I was amazed to hear that he threw himself down Wallenberg 68 times in one day.  That’s insane.  I’d estimate it to be approximately 14 steps just to walk back up.  You’re looking at over 900 steps just to get back up, let alone taking that impact over and over again.  Chris Cole is a beast, a technician, and an all around nice dude.

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Woodward: The Real Never Never Land

I was lucky enough to spend a week at ramp camp via Red Bull.   They have EVERYTHING and in most cases, two and three of everything.  They have concrete bowls, street plazas, mini ramps, mini megas, vert, foam pits, and inflatable landings for a mostly mega ramp.

Shane Azar looks like the Honeycomb guyThe paradise extends far beyond skateboarding.  Unfortunately, this blog is public and I can’t divulge in the after-hours activities.  I can tell you that Dan Plunkett, Jake Donnelly, Ron Deily, and Shane Azar make for an awesome crew.  Ryan Reyes has skateboarding in his veins, a  great attitude, and rips everything.  Beers are $1.55 at Brownies(the Sha-BOOMS of PA).  A skateboarder had to fly home early for dorking a gymnast.   Day N Night RemixYou Know You Want Me and Hotel Room can get a party started.

Big thanks to Peter from Red Bull for putting this trip together.  Oh, and I filmed and edited that clip above as part of a longer video for internal use at Red Bull.  We only had about 25 minutes to shoot it.  Dave Metty shot the 2 track shots.

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Mike Carroll Answers Your Questions

Erica and I stopped by Mike Carroll’s pad and asked him a bunch of your questions.  I’ve filmed a few of these now and it’s crazy to sit on so much interesting footy after editing it down to a watchable length.  Maybe after awhile I’ll put out a best of the cutting room floor sort of deal.  No, seriously, Mike’s a funny dude.

Watch and laugh and learn and leave.

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Red Bull Manny Mania – San Francisco

SF was as fun as it always is.  Got to hang out with former roommate and friend-forever, Jeanette Sawyer.  Had a great little meeting with Jim from Deluxe.  Expect some cool shit from that meeting down the pipeline.  I love everything they’re doing over there.  Blah, blah, blog.

Filmed and edited by Satan on an HPX170.

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Deluxe iPhone App Available Now

The Deluxe iPhone App is now available.  It’s my first iPhone app and it’s free!  Check out the videos, catalogs, and photos from Spitfire, Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, and Thunder.

Thanks to Mic-E, Jim, Carlos, and Oliver for making this possible.

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Red Bull Manny Mania – Baltimore

Baltimore definitely wasn’t my scene but the bartenders at the Hudson Street Stackhouse made sure I had a night to forget the last night.  That place was rad.

Some wangsta at another bar wit gold toofs and a douche rag axed me if I could get him a $10k ecstasy hook up cuz he wuh “spendin’ g’s”.  Meanwhile he paid for his drink with a crumbled up stack of small bills and made his lady guest pay for herself.

Filmed and edited by a man amongst men on a HPX170.

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Red Bull Manny Mania – Portland

First time in Portland and…. it was pretty weird. Well, that’s how they like it. The weather was great. Burnside was gnarly(only got to skate it for 15). Skating around the city at night is fun shit and the scenery was good too. I will definitely return.

Filmed and edited by me on an HPX170.

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