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White Shoes & Sunglasses Are Wack

white-shoes-are-gay1Wear whatever you want, but good luck finding me in a pair of white shoes or sunglasses… ever.  Every time I see a dude in white shoes I expect him to be wearing a stethoscope.

Maybe if I had some rad suit on I’d do it, but I’ve never had a rad suit on so I don’t know.  I’d wear albino crocodile kicks and a dundee hat.  It’s the all white tennis/skate/walking/chillin’ shoes that really make you look like a  male nurse.

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What good is an unscratched iPhone if nobody can see it!?


Why would you buy the sleakest phone on the planet and make it heavier, twice as thick, and uglier than Kate Winslet?  Let your iPhone be an iPhone.  Are you going to make your 10 year old where full pads and a helmet to the park?  Does your car have a leather bra on the front?  Do you use condoms every time?  No!  So why make your phone look like a fuckin’ dickhead?

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