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Deluxe Skate Shop Connect


Your local shop doesn’t have the Krooked, Anti Hero, Real, Thunder or Spitfire products you’re looking for?  Just request it!

I just finished developing the DLX Skate Shop Connect program and there are already about 600 shops signed up.  Check out Deluxe’s new catalog and request the products you’d like from your local shop in just a couple clicks.  (video explanation)

Your local shop isn’t sign up?  Tell them they’re blowing it.  If you’re a skate shop and you’d like to get involved, click here.

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Deluxe iPhone App Available Now

The Deluxe iPhone App is now available.  It’s my first iPhone app and it’s free!  Check out the videos, catalogs, and photos from Spitfire, Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, and Thunder.

Thanks to Mic-E, Jim, Carlos, and Oliver for making this possible.

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The Real Manifest Is Complete

Everytime a new interview was released, I wanted to post a link but I kept my hands in my pockets.  Now, it’s time.  Get Real

Real Manifest

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