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The Berrics iPhone App

Apple watches The Berrics

The Berrics iPhone App is finally here.  Now you can watch videos from The Berrics on your iPhone no matter where you are.  Yes, I  developed the app.  If you’re looking to make an iPhone app, let’s do this.the-berrics-iphone-app

It’s been really rad to hear how psyched everyone is on the app.  Thanks for all the kind words.  The App is killing it in the App Store too.  Check out this little Bragg list:

  • Staff Favorite on iTunes App Store homepage (as seen above)
  • Top 25 in it’s category since it was launched
  • Top 300 overall paid apps on it’s launch day
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Battle At The Berrics 2 Picks


Here are my picks for the best thing to watch when you’re hungover Saturday and Sunday mornings, Battle At The Berrics. Some funky picks, some obvious picks.


Lizard King Battle Commander

Lizard King Battle Commander at The Berrics

Fuck yeah! Mike Plumb is serious about not taking skateboarding too seriously.  This is what I love about skating.  Have fun and think of some new shit.  This is more entertaining and inspiring than most full parts in “real” videos lately.  Thanks for keeping it interesting Lizard.

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