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Bull Shit in Vancouver

Again, Red Bull trips are a blast and here’s the newest video I made for them.  Zered Bassett, Brandon Biebel, Ron Deily, Ryan Decenzo & Magnus Hanson all came out to skate a shipyard in Vancouver, Canada.  The accommodations were amazing.  I invented the double captain & coke & bacon.   We tugboatted giant skate obstacles into the middle of a bay.  If you want to know more about the trip or see some epic photos, grab the March 2010 issue of Transworld Skateboarding.

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Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App

Transworld Skateboarding iPhone AppThe Transworld Skateboarding iPhone App (iTunes link) is now available for download from the app store.  It’s rad and definitely making it on the homepage on my iPhone.

It’s the 3rd iPhone app I’ve developed and with each app I’ve tried to create apps that I want on my phone.  With videos being added almost daily and a news tab to keep you in the loop, it’s an app that you’re going to crack open everyday.

There’s also a how-to video section with exclusive trick tips filmed & edited by yours truly.  Whether you’re seeking tips or just want to see how amazing these guys are, they’re worth the watch.

By the way, Paul Rodriguez literally landed his nollie crooked grinds every try.  I had him do it about 25 times and each one was textbook.

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