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Sheckler, Nixon, Monster Children

Went to New York. I made this thing with Ryan Sheckler for Monster Children and Nixon. A bigger thing on the way.

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Sheckler Sessions Season 2, Yo

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! This season of Sheckler Sessions we’ve got my boys Zered Bassett, Bobby Worrest, Justin Brock and more lurking hard as hell. For a list of the episodes, click here with your hands or feet.

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Currently Trippin’ in Brazil

Waterfalling a Brazilian beer standing on top of the largest waterfall in the world.  Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil is breathtaking.  You just have to see it to believe it.  Insane.  Felipe Gustavo and I went to his hometown and the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, after Foz.  I never ate so much in my life.  That dude is going to be 600 pounds someday.  I’ll probably be sitting next to him, at 700 pounds.  The food tour was awesome and the skating was the same as it ever was.  Almost got attacked by wild monkeys too.

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Currently Trippin’ in China… again

I’ve grown fond of this place!  It’s my third time here.  Cafe Xperience gave me own menu item and I had no idea.  Epic!  They threw me a going away party too and Linda made me a cake with monkeys on it since my Chinese name is 猴子 (Hóuzi), which means monkey.

We had a blast like always.  Some Chinese kid wrote a note in permanent marker on a ledge for the Plan B team to call him and left his full name and phone number.  The ledge is in front of a nice college.  Gnarly.

Our guide, Pappa, was incredible.  No English.  Funkiest teeth you’ll ever see.  Handles business like a pro.  Walks around the hotel in his robe and is constantly fucking with everyone.  Great guy.  Psycho.

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Currently Trippin’ in Australia

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Corbin Harris for Element Australia

Some of the funnest times of my life making this video with Corbin Harris, Ronnie Flynn, and friends. Thanks to all who made it possible. Can’t wait to get back to OZ.

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Currently Trippin’ in Sydney

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Currently Trippin’ in Costa Rica

Ryan Sheckler getting vertical on a Zip Zinger in Costa Rica.

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Currently Trippin’ in Guangzhou, China

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Island Time with Plan B & T&C

Mahalo to Plan B, T&C, Nick, Lance and everyone who made this trip so fun.

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Best Trip Ever

On the last day of the best trip ever in Oahu, Sarah and I walked down to the sand in front of the Loulu Estate at 8:45am and whipped up this little diddy first try.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. It was a blast from end to end for 1,000 different reasons.

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When in Rome, Film Rome

bud-in-romeI recently had the pleasure to capture Rome and Ostia, Italy for the Red Bull Manny Mania series. I explored most of Rome via skateboard and had a blast. Felix came in after a few days and we had some fun too. Coincidentally, Dave Duncan and the WCS was out there for another event so we met up with them as well. I was out there for the 4th of July so I made sure to find a couple of Budweisers to drink at the Colosseum. Thanks to Red Bull and Beth for making it happen.

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¡Me Gusta! – Active in Costa Rica

I’m psyched on this one!  I shot & edited an epic Active trip to Costa Rica with Figgy, Slash, Nuge, and Clint Walker.  You can read all about it in the August 2011 issue of Thrasher Magazine or click here for the article pdf.   If you’re ever in Costa Rica to skate, make sure to link up with Diego Espinoza and Bryan Gutierrez.  They’ll take care of you.  Giant thank you to those guys, Sonny Nigro, and Corey Cady.

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Currently Trippin’ in Rome

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Fontana di Trevi, Roma, Italia

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Currently Trippin’ in Puerto Rico


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Shotgun on a Plane

Fuck it!  I’m back.  I’m going to start doing this shit again.  Comin’ in hot with BFF Erica Yary shotgunning a beer on a plane in ’06 or something.  I don’t believe I know anyone else who has pulled this off.  Anyone else shotgun on a plane?  PROVE IT, FOOL.

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I Don’t Clem

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