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How To: Make Your Own Mind Field

Did you love Alien Workshop‘s new Mind Field video? Make your own!

What you”re going to need:

- Baby Einstein video
- Dinosaur Jr music video
- Stock footy of Birds
- Videos of raver kids self-filming
- Profile photograph
- Mind-blowing skate footy (Tyler Bledsoe”s part was amazing)

Now put on a V Neck, grab a latte and import all that shit into Final Cut Pro. Lay down your Dino Jr track and cut all that junk up.


- Put the raver videos on top of the profile photo or you’re blowin it
- Start and end everyone’s part with a bunch of Baby Einstein footy
- Make sure there is more weird shit than skating
- End your video with a bunch of that Baby Einstein video at 300% speed and then cut to bird footy with no audio track

After just 15 minutes, your final result should look like this:

UPDATE: After my little joke racked up 500+ views in a couple hours, BURTON CORP/ALIEN WORKSHOP took it down. Looks like this tutorial is effective enough to trick even Alien Workshop. Ha!

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The original YouTube Video:

Fuck, I forgot Segway Scooter footy.

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